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Welcome to "Cars Damaged", we buy cars and trucks & SUVs, any car, any year and any model in any condition, if you have a car that is waste for you or you don’t drive it anymore then you are on the right place. We also buy junk cars, old cars, salvage cars, accidental cars, used car, Salvage cars. This is the official vehicle-purchasing website. We guarantee you for the best money for any condition car you have. You can sell your car for cash (accident cars, Wrecked, total loss, cars with broken axles, cars with mechanical issues, failed engine or transmission). We have purchased more than 50,000 vehicles.Junk my Car has you covered! We buy junk cars in all conditions. Let us help you with "junk car removal." Give us a quick overview of your vehicle, and we'll see how much cash we can send your way. Your junk car will have one of many paths in its near future. Depending on its condition, it will be salvaged, sold to a wholesale buyer, or placed into an auction.This is the official vehicle-purchasing website.

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Do you really want to get rid of your old car for a new one? You may have been planning to sell your old car, but were unable to find ways to get rid of them for the right price.

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    Having an old car is a liability. You cannot use the car, but then it occupies space in your house or garage. There are a lot of things that you do with your car. You can fix it, trade it at a dealership or you can sell it off.
    Though trading in very easy for your old car, the downside is that you have to settle for a lower value of the vehicle. The determined value is lesser than that you will get if you sell the car yourself.
    Cars can be considered assets by the owners as they always have a value attached to it, which the owner can liquidate if need be. If you have a car that is in perfectly good condition, you can sell " get a good price.
    Dealerships usually pay less to sellers of old cars because they save them from all the hassles involved in finding buyers and selling it. Any damage that your old vehicle is automatically transferred to the dealership.

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