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Having an old car is a liability. You cannot use the car, but then it occupies space in your house or garage. There are a lot of things that you do with your car.

You can fix it, trade it at a dealership or you can sell it off.

You can choose any option depending on your priorities and the condition of this car.

If you cannot buy a car in the near future, then you should keep the old car, provided it will be usable after the old parts are replaced. If it doesn’t cost you much to fix your car, or if it costs less to fix your car than to use alternate modes of transportation, then you should consider using the car till you can afford a new one. If you have seen Pimp My Ride on MTV, then you know to what extent an old car can be as good as new. The other option, trading your car with us is tempting.

Why is this option so attractive? It is because it saves you from spending time on searching for a buyer. Trading in your car with us involves no fuss at all. You do not need to arrange for a test drive, fix meetings with prospective buyers, there is lesser scope for negotiations, etc. Trading in is all about convenience, and getting rid of the old car in the least time. The trading value is determined after a careful assessment of the car, its age, mileage, etc. The value of the trading in is deducted from the price of a new car that you will choose. That is how trading in works. You have no liabilities once the car is sold. We will not get back to you for any problem. Along with the junk, you also sell off your liabilities and responsibilities related to the vehicle.

Why Choose Carsdamaged

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  • Buy Any Model In Any Condition
    Buy any cars, trucks and SUVs or any other automobile irrespective of its age, model or condition.
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  • Free PickUp Service
    Give a FREE, quick pick up service, which makes you to relax while earn money and get rid of their junk or old car.
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  • Direct & Honest Deal
    Don’t be fooled by those who quote you a big number on the phone, We give you direct and honest deal.
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  • No Hidden Fees
    We never use any types of hidden fees. We value your confidence and support for a honest business.

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